Hitting a plateau is normal

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Beginning therapy can feel like breaking a spell. It’s hard to always be in tune with what you’re feeling. A lot of us like to keep certain things to ourselves. Having a judgment-free zone to talk and express those feelings can be a freeing experience.

In my first year of…

And small ways to make transitions easier for everyone involved.

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If you’ve been through some sort of product redesign, you know user complaints are impossible to avoid. No matter how well thought out the changes were, it’s almost guaranteed your users will hate it.

The reason behind this is quite simple. Most redesigns focus not only on changes but especially…

Aha! moments can’t be summoned

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I have always been a fan of non-fiction on self-improvement. Before learning about the wave of this platform’s self-help craze, it was a guilty pleasure. Back then, it was all about the books. I’d save a multitude of recommendations to have an abundant backlog for whatever might tickle my fancy.

And how you can properly balance them

Illustration by Author, Original Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

The people we admire often share similar traits. We tend to look up to them and try to mimic their behavior. We want to reach their social standing, live a life similar to theirs, and become more trustworthy and respected ourselves.

But every human trait has its shortcomings.

Imitating them…

From color theory to life-centered design.

Illustration of girl sitting on a bed, surrounded by plants
Illustration by Author

If you’ve been around the Internet and Social Media the past few years, you’re probably aware of the ongoing trend surrounding house plants. What started as a few inspiring home decor pictures on Pinterest, slowly clawed its way to a plant “culture” and community amid Millenials.

According to the National…

First thing: quit streaming.

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It’s difficult to introduce drastic changes in a company’s culture. Oftentimes sustainability initiatives are only seen as part of the company’s product, instead of as part of the company’s culture.

Especially tech companies, agencies, and freelancers have a hard time figuring out what exactly they can do to be more…

“20% on everything” — a cautionary tale

Illustration by Author, Original Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

In 2003 a hardware chain commercial took Germany by storm. It only contained one simple sentence, dubbed by Bruce Willis’ voice actor.

“20% on everything — except pet food (tr.)”

A sale on everything? Wait, why not pet food? Is that Bruce Willis’ voice? People were instantly intrigued. The commercial…

Carine Ru

UX Designer based in Germany. I write about Mental Health, UX, Psychology and Self. https://linktr.ee/collectivemmind

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