Thank you so much for your input on this! This is something I am still trying to navigate. You’ll have to excuse me trying to explain this in simple words since I am not yet able to articulate myself as well because German is my actual first language. I am well aware of the fact that my background and my family’s history differ from a lot of people. I think this is a highly complex topic, that isn’t easily put into a few words.

I know that real change needs action and that in a lot of societal structures it’s not attainable without standing up for oneself and showing real resistance in regards to politics. It would be naive to think otherwise. I would never want my own experience and privilege to stand in the way of taking those problems seriously.

Seeing the recent events, I couldn’t help but worry about the emotional drainage happening that people will probably never heal from.

Sometimes it’s obvious that we tend to look at things from one perspective only and I guess this is why I felt the need to add another. I was thinking about if I should have made it clearer what my political standpoint on this was or to put into exact words how I think we should be acting, but I didn’t want to get off track from the message I was trying to share.

I am glad to receive other perspectives and to be able to further explain mine. Thank you so much for adding yours and for taking the time to reach out! Having conversations was the very reason I wrote this piece. Thank you so much for your kind words as well, I appreciate it a lot!

UX Designer based in Germany. I write about Mental Health, UX, Psychology and Self.

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