Well put! It's not an easy game to play. I've recently tried to interact more with the links other people post and try to post my own links in separate posts (I'm pretty sure you know the groups). This also helps me not forget to genuinely support the other writers and not make it about me. Not that I'm saying you did (I do know what these groups are for), but I always feel like that when I post my link under someone else's post. Also, Daily Share Threads become more overwhelming by the day. If I don't find the time during the week to properly read, I will not post. Tbh sometimes I wished to have other kinds of groups just to have more separation between self-promoting posts and just supporting one another! Thanks for taking the time to write this, people should read it!

UX Designer based in Germany. I write about Mental Health, UX, Psychology and Self. https://linktr.ee/collectivemmind

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